Cortal Gran offers capacity for over 300 guests and a variety of spaces and options for each wedding.

The civil ceremony can be celebrated in various places such as the 15th century designed courtyard, in the lovely gardens, under the great arch, between fields of apple trees, in the forest of Cortal Gran, or even in a corner that takes your breath away.

The banquet can be enjoyed in multiple spaces such as the hall of vaulted arches, the large spaced porch, or in the garden under the starlight.

Cortal Gran offers a wide range of options and even a Plan B if the weather does not cooperate on your special day.



The Medieval Castle welcomes you with a stunning courtyard framed of vaulted halls that brings you to the indoor pool followed by a 15th century styled kitchen.

The medieval space surrounds you with enchantment while isolating you from the outside world.

The spacious courtyard can be used for the civil ceremony, to have the aperitif, or can simply be a welcoming entrance for your guests.


In the gardens of Cortal Gran has born a magical place, the Greenhouse. A place full of life built in iron and glass that allows the entrance of natural light and the connection with the nature of the place.

In the greenhouse you can celebrate the civil ceremony under the green of the surrounding trees, the aperitif or serve the welcome drink to your guests.

We also offer the option of tasting the authentic high-quality Mediterranean Sea cuisine and the landscapes of l’Empordà, with products of proximity and the highest quality. An experience in which we take care of every detail, with the staging of ‘Cañigueral, mesas con esencia’ and the culinary art of chef Jordi Jacas.

An explosion of flavours, sensations and emotions that will keep on surprising you from the very first moment.


The Main Arch

Followed by the fortification is the reception hall that is recognized as the noble hall of the house.

This space can be used for the civil ceremony, the sitting plan, the photocall, or as a place for welcoming guests with a delicious lemonade.



Interior Saloon

The interior Saloon consists of three stone arches and a large skylight that shines natural sunlight during the day and starlight at night.

The stone surrounding adds great warmth while the glass windows and doors create a natural connection with the garden.

In Cortal Gran, there is always a Plan B, in case the weather does not cooperate. When this happens, this enticing space can be used perfectly for the banquet, the aperitif, or the dance party.


The Big Porch

This 300 m2 space is fully integrated with the garden and can accommodate up to 300 guests.

This spacious setting can be used for the banquet, the aperitif, or as a lounge area for guests to enjoy.


The Gardens

The castle has a fenced castle of 20,000 m2 that immerses you in its magic and offers total privacy and exclusivity.

Cortal Gran is surrounded by 125 hectares of apple orchards that make it an amazing and totally isolated place for full relaxation and enjoyment.

The magnificent Palm trees are found in the corner surrounding the 8-shaped pool and the bale-bale.

A boat and green house is also found at a corner which offers a different perspective of the castle.

This open space is perfect for the banquet, the aperitif, or to enjoy live music under the starlight.



The Disco

Followed by the large porch is a stone room with a large window suitable for the dance party.

This space is open to the gardens while connected to the pool area and the palm trees.



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